State of Quality Child Care Meeting

Jul 9, 2019

Members of the community are invited to attend an upcoming meeting regarding the state of quality child care in Athens.

Several local agencies are partnering with Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students to get the word out about the need for quality care.

“Child care, as Athens Wellbeing Project and other data have shown is one of the greatest challenges to low income families,” according to Tim Johnson, the Executive Director of Family Connection Communities in Schools Athens.

“The Mayor and Commission have created a fund they’re calling the Prosperity Package, specifically to address poverty. Their intent is use part of those funds to support quality child care; one way they’re talking about doing it, and they haven’t any final decisions, is to subsidize their federal funds. It’s called CAPS, (Childcare and Parent Services)  that’s federal funds to support child care for low income working parents.”

Johnson says while all those interested are welcome, local business owners, in particular, are encouraged to attend.

“The GEEARS people are particularly interested in getting business leaders there to learn more about why it’s important to their own businesses and elected officials who help support.”

The meeting is Thursday, July 25th from 7:30 am until 9 am.