UGA Researcher Leading U.S. Effort in COVID-19 Survey

Nov 5, 2020

Confirmed deaths from COVID-19 have topped 8 thousand in Georgia. That’s according to the most recent numbers from the Georgia Department of Public Health. 

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The agency is also reporting an additional 450 probable deaths from coronavirus. There are more than 366-thousand confirmed cases in the state.  

One UGA researcher is leading the effort in the U.S. in a worldwide RTO COVID-19 study. Dr. Mark Ebell is a professor in UGA’s College of Public Health.  

“The RTO COVID-19 study it’s a retrospective treatment outcome study, that’s where the RTO comes from. So in this case, we're looking for thousands of people, in multiple countries, including people who have and haven't had COVID-19, to complete the survey and tell us about their experiences.” 

Researchers in eight countries are recruiting large numbers of people in their native languages to participate in that survey. 

“It is anonymous you can give us an email address which we'll use to send a follow-up survey in three to six months because we're particularly interested in how long symptoms persist, that sort of long-hauler syndrome. We hope that if you hear this interview, you'll spread the word on your social media to friends and relatives across the country so they can participate. Again it’s”


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For the Covid-19 Daily Status Report, visit the State Health Department’s website at