Volunteers Launch COVID-19 Resource Map

May 26, 2020

Volunteers from around the world, including students and alumni from the University of Georgia have combined their efforts to create a global COVID-19 Community Resource Map.

“This includes both permanent and specific COVID-19 response resource.”

That was Rara Reines, UGA alumna with Groundbreakers, the organization that created the map. Groundbreakers is a global network of community leaders operating in 51 countries, with an effort on local, grassroots efforts.

COVID-19 Community Resource Map
Credit Groundbreakers

“We started the map in about early to mid-march, we’re headquartered in Washington D.C. and things started to worsen there in about early to mid-March.,” according to Reines.  “We ultimately decided to include both the COVID-19 specific response in addition to permanent resources, so institutions for example, food banks that are already there, we see this as very important as there is a huge economic crisis that will outlive the public health crisis.”

People can use the map to get help or contribute if they are able. Reines says they can also find resources close to their loved ones needing assistance.   

“We want those in need to really access the resources that they need most.”

The map is updated daily. To view the map, visit COVID-19 resource mapping.