WUGA Advisory Council Meeting

May 10, 2019

The quarterly meeting of the WUGA Community Advisory Council will be held Thursday, May 16 at 11a-12noon.  The meeting will be held in Room T/U on the second floor of the Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel.  Members of the public are invited to attend.  For more information call 706-542-3324 or email wuga@uga.edu.

Georgia Center
Credit Photo: J.Sanders

Minutes Called Meeting WUGA Community Advisory Council April 4, 2019.

Present: Gabe Vodika, Ian Hardin, Valerie Bell, Cathy Bradberry, Krystle Cobran, Nancy McDuff, Kent Middleton, Jimmy Sanders, Sandra Smith.

Sanders called the meeting to order at 11 a.m.

On a motion by Ian Hardin, seconded by Sandra Smith, and after some limited discussion, the council voted unanimously to adopt the “WUGA Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) Charter” proposed and circulated on Jan. 29, 2019. Four members of the Council were not able to attend the meeting, but submitted their votes to approve the new Charter (Erin Podvin, Pat Priest, Grady Thrasher, Randall Abney). McDuff pointed out the members of the Council who worked to finalize a Charter, Jim Smith (husband of Sandra Smith), Krystle Cobran, Kent Middleton. She praised their talents and time to build on the work of an earlier group from the Council and noted that this charter is designed to assist WUGA and to be advisory only.

In a second vote, Nancy McDuff was unanimously elected chair of the Citizens Advisory Council, to serve until new council members are elected in December. Kent Middleton was elected vice chair in the same vote with the expectation, according to the charter, that he will succeed McDuff as chair.

In each vote, Sanders allowed four absentee ballots favoring the adoption and, two absentee ballots noting support for McDuff and Middleton to be counted. McDuff asked if Kent Middleton would take notes of the meeting.

Following provisions in the new charter, McDuff said she would appoint a nominating committee at the council’s Fall meeting to present a slate of candidates to fill vacant positions in the council for staggered three-year terms and new officers. In the meantime, McDuff will chair a small task force (Task Force on Organizational Structure) to determine the order in which long-time members will be rotated off the council and how many new members will be sought in each of the next three years. McDuff said she will establish several committees to conduct the work of the council.

It is hoped that these groups will meet between the quarterly meetings of the Council and report back at the Council meetings. McDuff proposes committees to develop resources for the station, conduct community events, engage the community and develop communication strategies and content.

McDuff said the Resource Development Committee might focus initially on increasing program underwriting. Sanders said underwriting revenues might be doubled if all on-air inventory were sold. Sandra Smith urged continued exploration of underwriting opportunities in Oconee County.

The resources committee will also explore the most effective means of gaining listener contributions. McDuff requested that Jimmy Sanders and Cathy Bradberry might wish to give an overview of underwriting and use the CAC as a sounding board on this topic at our next meeting.

The Community Programming Committee, McDuff said, will continue successful events such as visits to the studios of local artists and develop other events.

Cathy noted that on April 13th an Artists in Residence will be held at the studio/home of Harold Rittenberry. The Community Engagement and Partnership Committee might seek partnerships with university units, media, businesses and non-profs to create specialized reporting, cultural programming, provide opportunities for public forums, professional training and other opportunities for community engagement.

McDuff said the Communication Committee would make recommendations to improve station communications to various audiences through social media, listservs, mail, over-the-air and other channels. Individuals present noted their interest in specific committees and those not present will be contacted.

McDuff will report back to the CAC at the next meeting regarding full formation of these committees. The next meeting will be held on May 16th at 11am. The location has yet to be determined.

Respectfully submitted, Kent Middleton