WUGA/Athens Library Holding StoryCorps Listening Event

Nov 8, 2018

WUGA is partnering with the Athens Regional Library in hosting a StoryCorps listening event this evening. Members of the Athens community are invited to attend the event featuring their fellow Athenians telling their stories which were recorded here in the Classic City.

Credit StoryCorps

Jacqueline Van Meter is the site coordinator for the StoryCorps mobile tour.

“We’re having a listening event, we do that at each stop,” Van Meter said. “For me it’s one of the highlights of any tour stop. It’s going to be Thursday evening, 6:30 pm, November 8th, here are the library in the Appleton Auditorium.”

She tells us what those attending can expect.

“It’s essentially an opportunity for us to get together, talk a little bit about the work of StoryCorps but also to talk specifically about what has happened here over the last few week, who have we heard from what has their experience been like.”

During StoryCorps’ month-long stay in Athens, about 100 recordings were captured from teams of area residents as they shared their stories. For those who gave their permission, a copy was sent to the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

There will be an opportunity for those in the audience to participate.

Credit Athens Regional Library

“We open the floor and ask participants to share a little bit about what their experience was like in the booth, things that surprised them. We’ll listen to little clips from some of the recordings and then we all take a group photo together at the end. It’s just a chance to celebrate what we’ve done but also an opportunity for us to reflect back to Athens some of the really wonderful things that we’ve heard in this booth over the weeks that we’ve been here.”

The event is 6:30 this evening at in the Appleton Auditorium at the library. It is free to attend.