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Ask Me Another is the rambunctious weekly, live show from NPR and WNYC that blends brainteasers, pub trivia, comedy and music into an hour of mind-bending fun. Host Ophira Eisenberg invites guests and listeners alike to stretch their noggins, tickle their funny bones and be serenaded by house musician Jonathan Coulton

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Sara Bareilles

Jun 11, 2021

Grammy-winning musician Sara Bareilles was playing stadium gigs when she was a teenager. (Well, technically, it was singing the national anthem at a Dodgers game — but still.) In this interview, Bareilles reflects on how the Broadway musical Waitress led to opportunities like working with Tina Fey on the Peacock comedy Girls5eva. Then, she gets quizzed on one of her favorite shows: The Golden Girls.

Adult Milestones

Jun 11, 2021

Rugrats first aired 30 years ago. In this game, Nancy Cartwright and Cheryl Chase, the voices of Chuckie Finster and Angelica Pickles, imagine what their original audience might be doing now. Maybe they've got rugrats of their own. Maybe they just have debt. Or maybe both!

Heard on Sara Bareilles, American Ninja Warrior & Rugrats

Animal Songs

Jun 11, 2021

In this music parody game, Rugrats stars Cheryl Chase and Nancy Cartwright hear songs about animals that were rewritten to be about fictional examples of those animals. If that sounds too complicated, let minnow.

Heard on Sara Bareilles, American Ninja Warrior & Rugrats

Andrew Rannells

May 28, 2021

In early performances of Broadway's The Book of Mormon, offended audience members would sometimes get up and walk out of the theater. Andrew Rannells, who originated the role of Elder Price, didn't mind.

"It was pretty exciting," Rannells told NPR's Ask Me Another host Ophira Eisenberg. "It didn't happen that often but when it did happen, it did feel like we were a part of something special."

Heart Transplant

May 28, 2021

From the Hulu series Shrill, Lolly Adefope and E.R. Fightmaster work together in a music parody game where songs with the word "heart" in the title are rewritten to be about other things starting with H.

Heard on Andrew Rannells: The Truth About Cats And Dogs