Athens News Matters

Fridays at 1PM, Saturdays at 10AM and Sundays at Noon.

For over 15 years, Athens News Matters has been a vehicle to connect listeners with the stories that matter from Athens and around Northeast Georgia. In July 2019, the program was relaunched in a new format, an hour of content, including the panel of commentators which has been a mainstay of Athens News Matters, but adding more stories, features, interviews, and more.

The Athens News Matters team:

Hosts: Alexia Ridley and Chris Shupe

Senior Producer: Martin Matheny

Producers: Jeanne Davis, Jessica Wurst, Lora Yordanova, Lucas Trevor

Contributors: Dr. James Cobb, Cathy Bradberry, Michael Cardin, Jimmy Sanders

The panel discusses the week in news and politics, including a deep dive into ACCPD’s handling of protesters, and a new poll that shows growing unpopularity in Georgia for President Donald Trump and Governor Brian Kemp.

Before there were Facebook ads, before there were TV commercials, there were political posters. An exhibit at the Richard B. Russell Special Collections Library celebrates over 150 years of political postermaking.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to get creative with our routines. This includes the incorporation of virtual doctor appointments. Dr. Marla Tschepikow and Dr. Tom Wells provide insight into how patients can effectively receive medical care without leaving the house.

Since the 2008 recession, discount stores, or dollar stores - like Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree – have mushroomed across the country, beginning in the Deep South and spreading throughout the US. And now, while the COVID-19 pandemic has left many sectors of the economy in a shambles, those same dollar stores are seeing booming profits.  Those profits are good for shareholders, but the proliferation of these stores may be having an adverse effect on the neighborhoods they serve.

Disputes between tenants and landlords over maintenance and safety issues are not uncommon. However, when a tenant at The Universtiy Oaks Apartments tried to organize with her neighbors, she was threatened with an arrest. WUGA's Jeanne Davis speaks with this tenant about the need for updated maintenance, especially in a global pandemic.