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For over 15 years, Athens News Matters has been a vehicle to connect listeners with the stories that matter from Athens and around Northeast Georgia. In July 2019, the program was relaunched in a new format, an hour of content, including the panel of commentators which has been a mainstay of Athens News Matters, but adding more stories, features, interviews, and more.

In the past two years, Athens News Matters has received multiple awards for excellence in journalism from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters and the Public Media Journalists Association.

The Athens News Matters team:

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Producers: Jeanne Davis, Devon Zwald, Lucas Trevor, Kara Nelson, Abby Bustin

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This week's panel - Chris Dowd and Gwen O'Looney - sits down with WUGA's Alexia Ridley to discuss the week in news and politics. The panel discusses the latest in local redistricting, the retirement next year of CCSD Superintendent Xernona Thomas, and the future of an early learning center as time ticks away on a federal funding deadline.

Historians and activists hoping for access to grand jury testimony related to Walton County’s unsolved Moore's Ford lynching did not get the progress they were hoping for.

Holidays are a major time for family get-togethers, but those events don’t always go smoothly. Don Randall, a family therapist, joins WUGA's Alexia Ridley to talk about how to de-escalate tense family situations during the holidays.

This week's panel, Chris Dowd and Gwen O'Looney, sit down with WUGA's Alexia Ridley to discuss the week in news and politics.

Trust in science is declining. In today's changing media landscape, how can scientists build credibility with the public?

In light of the public’s growing mistrust of science and scientists, WUGA's science and research correspondent, Lauren Baggett, and Dr. Glenn Nowak, professor and co-director of the center for health and risk communication at UGA's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, sit down with WUGA's Chris Shupe to discuss misinformation, where it comes from, and how scientists can better communicate information related to COVID-19.