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For over 15 years, Athens News Matters has been a vehicle to connect listeners with the stories that matter from Athens and around Northeast Georgia. In July 2019, the program was relaunched in a new format, an hour of content, including the panel of commentators which has been a mainstay of Athens News Matters, but adding more stories, features, interviews, and more.

The Athens News Matters team:

Hosts: Alexia Ridley and Chris Shupe

Senior Producer: Martin Matheny

Producers: Jeanne Davis, Jessica Wurst, Lora Yordanova, Lucas Trevor

Contributors: Dr. James Cobb, Cathy Bradberry, Michael Cardin, Jimmy Sanders

This week on Athens News Matters:

Athens News Matters: Panel

Nov 6, 2020

We sit down with Lee Shearer, Gwen O’Looney, and Martin Matheny for an extra long panel to discuss this week’s’eventful election, including local and state results, upcoming runoffs, and Georgia’s outstanding ballots. 

Athens News Matters: Court Packing

Nov 6, 2020

The approval of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court jump-started an argument about the size of the Court. But what is court-packing, what would it look like, and how would it affect American jurisprudence?


Athens News Matters: What Now, Yard Signs?

Nov 6, 2020

For most candidates, the election is over – but what should voters do with their leftover yard signs? ACC Waste Reduction Administrator Joe Dunlop sits down with Megan Wahn to explain how to effectively recycle your political yard signs.


Social media is a huge – and growing – part of campaigning in the digital era. Dr. Yilang Peng, an assistant professor at UGA's College of Family and Consumer Sciences, has been researching what makes for a successful political post on Instagram, and he shares his findings with us.