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For over 15 years, Athens News Matters has been a vehicle to connect listeners with the stories that matter from Athens and around Northeast Georgia. In July 2019, the program was relaunched in a new format, an hour of content, including the panel of commentators which has been a mainstay of Athens News Matters, but adding more stories, features, interviews, and more.

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Producers: Jeanne Davis, Jessica Wurst, Megan Wahn, Devon Zwald, Lucas Trevor

Contributors: Dr. James Cobb, Cathy Bradberry, Michael Cardin, Jimmy Sanders, John Slights

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As vaccination numbers continue to rise, more rural counties face their own public health challenges. Zach Mitcham from the Madison County Journal spoke to Chris Shupe about how his county is managing the vaccination effort.

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The recent announcement from the CDC that suggests that people who are fully vaccinated can forgo masks in many situations came as a surprise to many. In the days following the announcement, some reacted with skepticism, saying that the CDC moved too quickly. 

Dr. Mark Ebell from the University of Georgia College of Public Health says the CDC's guidance is appropriate, and he joined Alexia Ridley to talk about what the guidance means, his concerns, and why you may still want to keep a mask handy.

ANM: Cicadas

May 22, 2021
Pmjacoby, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

  What makes this summer different from those in the past? It’s not just the vaccination of friends and family members, or the return of events like AthFest. Cicadas will be out in higher numbers than last year, because of the return of what’s called Brood X, a once every 17 year generation of Cicadas. WUGA’s Lucas Trevor asked around about this summer’s swarm of insects.

 Some of you are not going to like what you’re about to hear.

*Cicada sounds*