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Recently, more Americans are having heated discussions about Critical Race Theory (CRT). Critical Race Theory has popped up on the news, in school board meetings, and even as a campaign issue in last week’s Virginia Governor’s race. While opponents paint CRT as an educational evil, many in the academic world would say those opponents are misunderstanding, in some cases willfully, what critical race theory actually is.

Clarke County voters overwhelmingly approved a $120 million measure to continue to fund education improvements with a 1 percent sales tax. What are school district officials planning to do with the new money?

The chief of operations for the Clarke County School District Dexter Fisher joins WUGA's Chris Shupe to talk about what projects are on the horizon with ESPLOST 6.

This week on Athens News Matters, Clarke County voters overwhelmingly approved a $120 million continuation of the one percent sales tax to fund education improvements. Chris Shupe sits down with the chief of operations for the Clarke County School District to discuss what school district officials have planned for the new revenue. Lauren Baggett and Dr.

Athens News Matters: The "How" of Mental Telehealth

Nov 5, 2021

The twin factors of the coronavirus pandemic and more widespread adoption of technology have led more healthcare providers to adopt telemedicine. That's also true of mental-health providers. A new class at UGA's School of Social Work focuses on not only the "how" of mental telehealth, but also the pros and cons.

Allison Salerno has the story: 

Drive through the roundabout at the heart of Danielsville, Ga, population six hundred or so, and you’ll see freshly painted murals on all four sides of an old stucco building. This is the work of Color the World Bright, a group of mostly University of Georgia students and alumni, guided by Professor Joseph Norman.

Norman: “Sort of create and recreate a series of images and illustrations. For example, we’re putting [the MedLink] logo on the building. We’re recreating a huge Coca-Cola sign.”