Music From High Cotton

Monthly: Mondays and Wednesday nights at 9pm
  • Hosted by Jimmy Sanders

Music from High Cotton presents live, in-concert recordings from notable blues, Americana and rock and roll musicians.  The shows are recorded by WUGA at High Cotton Music Hall on historic Depot Street in Hartwell, Georgia. Performers on Music from High Cotton have included Randall Bramblett, Ike Stubblefield and Reverend Raven and the Chainsmoking Altar Boys.  Watch WUGA's Facebook page for news of upcoming broadcasts.

Music from High Cotton: Steel City Rovers

Jul 15, 2019
Photo: Steel City Rovers

"Celtibilly" came to the stage of High Cotton Music Hall as the Steel City Rovers entertained the audience with their energetic mix of Celtic music and North American folk and roots music.  All the way from Hamilton, Ontario to the stage of High Cotton in Hartwell, GA: It's the Steel City Rovers!

In Episode # 12, Music From High Cotton presents Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield, sometimes known as "Reckless Saints.  Recorded live at High Cotton Music, Hall, Hartwell, Georgia and produced by WUGA FM.

It was a special night at High Cotton Music Hall when Donna Hopkins and Ralph Roddenbery joined voices and guitars to present a great selection of finely-crafted songs.   Enjoy this live performance recorded at High Cotton Music Hall in Hartwell, Georgia.

If you like blues, this episode has it, featuring highlights of two of High Cotton's hottest shows from 2018. The blistering harmonica from the Brandon Santini Band and original blues from singer/songwriter/guitarist Skyla Burrell and her band.  All recorded live on the stage of High Cotton Music Hall on Depot Street in Hartwell, Georgia!

Music from High Cotton: Ghost Town Blues Band

Dec 20, 2018

Horns, harmonies and homegrown instruments combined with an energetic and roots rich song list makes Ghost Town Blues Band one of the “must see live bands on the concert circuit today.” With a two guitar, keyboard and trombone attack, this band can rip it up with the best of them.