Nothing Funny About Money

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  • Hosted by Matt Goren
  • Local Host Michael Gene Thomas

Nothing Funny About Money is hosted by Drs. Matt J. Goren, CFP and Michael G. Thomas, Jr., AFC. As financial educators, they've helped create and run a dozen financial literacy programs, including Money Dawgs and Discovering Money Solutions in Athens, GA. They've also taught thousands of students across the United States and provide 1:1 financial advising and coaching. Nothing Funny About Money puts a lighthearted spin on the sometimes scary subject of personal finance. It focuses on improving on quality of life, setting goals , and solving life's problems - all while adding a little humor, levity, and cartoon silliness.

Paying for College...While You Are Enrolled!

Feb 5, 2018
Photo Courtesy of The Red&Black

This month on Nothing Funny About Money, Matt & Michael discuss various options for limiting student debt by paying for college while you are actually IN COLLEGE!

How Do You "Spend" The Holidays?

Dec 22, 2017



On this episode of Nothing Funny About Money, Matt And Michael discuss the financial implications of the meaning of Christmas. Guests include Stephanie Cockfield of Ark Athens and some guy in a white beard!

Properly Planning for The Cost of College

Nov 4, 2017

Students leave more than 3 billion dollars, yes that's BILLION, in federal grants on the table each year! In this episode the Nothing Funny About Money Team discusses the various opportunities available for funding college, without going into debt!

The Value of College...Quality Investment or Unnecessary Cost

Oct 9, 2017

On this month's episode of Nothing Funny About Money, hosts Matt Goren and Michael Thomas discuss ways to properly measure the value of a college education. Some of their findings, may surprise you!

Money and Kids, Part Two

Sep 6, 2017

Our Nothing Funny About Money Team continues the discussion about Money and children. This is part two in the extended segment on Money and Kids.