Nothing Funny About Money

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  • Hosted by Matt Goren
  • Local Host Michael Gene Thomas

Nothing Funny About Money is hosted by Drs. Matt J. Goren, CFP and Michael G. Thomas, Jr., AFC. As financial educators, they've helped create and run a dozen financial literacy programs, including Money Dawgs and Discovering Money Solutions in Athens, GA. They've also taught thousands of students across the United States and provide 1:1 financial advising and coaching. Nothing Funny About Money puts a lighthearted spin on the sometimes scary subject of personal finance. It focuses on improving on quality of life, setting goals , and solving life's problems - all while adding a little humor, levity, and cartoon silliness.

Money and Kids

Aug 7, 2017

This month, Matt and Michael dive into the often controversial and challenging topic of "kids and money", not just the expense of having kids but teaching them the important issues associated with managing resources. Our hosts, found this topic actually required more than 30 minutes to discuss, so this is part one of two.

Money & Relationships

Jul 7, 2017

Nothing Funny About Money received a Merit Award for the Best Locally Produced Program at the 2018 Gabby Awards.

This month, hosts Matt Goren and Michael Thomas get into the often uncomfortable topic of managing money issues with your significant other.

Credit....Friend or Foe?

Jun 5, 2017

Do you know your credit score? More importantly do you truly understand the concept of credit?

In this episode hosts Matt Goren and Michael Thomas of UGA's College of Family and Consumer Sciences take a shot at simplifying an often complicated issue, and even manage to have some fun with it! Take a listen to find out more.

Money Can't Buy Happiness....Or Can It?

May 5, 2017

In this second episode of Nothing Funny About Money, hosts Matt Goren and Michael Thomas get a bit philosophical about the supposed corelation between money and happiness, the discussion might just surprise you.

Fees....Fees...and More Fees

Apr 7, 2017

In this first segment, hosts Matt Goren and Michael Thomas discuss banking fees, how to avoid them and maybe more importantly, how to be aware of how prevalent they are and how destructive they can be to managing your finances if you don't get a handle on them.