Radio Athenia

Athenia was a collection of local independent journalists and students from the University of Georgia whose mission is to inquire into the nature of things and in doing so, tell the story of the people who call themselves Athenians.

Athenia started as This Athenian Life, founded by Katie Andrew and Nick Mallis. The project was inspired by WBEZ Chicago’s This American Life and served as a way to tell stories, but within the microcosm of Athens, Georgia. The project released their first hour long episode in 2014 on WUGA FM Radio.

 Many young student journalists who have "graduated" from Athenia and gone on to professional careers in media include Lauren Baggett and Adhiti Bandlamudi.

In this episode, Robin McEntire of the Athenia Team explores the unique bond between local craft brewery Creature Comforts and the Athens Community. Turns out, there's more to it than just good beer!

Lora Smothers is the director of the Athens Freedom to Grow Unschool. She uses nontraditional approaches to educate. Her desire to teach students how to be a part of history led Lora and her family to the Atlanta Women’s March this January. This is the third and final segment of a multi-part series about women’s rights here in Athens.

Sally Sheppard spends most of her days helping and advocating for sexual assault survivors. She is the executive director of the Cottage in Athens. When she found out she had the opportunity to speak at the “Day of Resistance” on January 20, the day before the women’s march occurred, she decided to use it as a platform to inform others.

Dr. Nsenga Burton is an Athenian resident and journalism professor at the University of Georgia who attended the 2017 women’s march in Atlanta. The Women’s March was a nation-wide protest that advocated for a number of issues like women’s rights, immigration and healthcare reform, racial equality, environmental protection, and more.

Farm to Table in Athens

Dec 12, 2016

The Athens food scene has changed dramatically in the last few years, and one reason for that is our restaurants’ embrace of local ingredients. Athenia’s Lauren Baggett got to know one of the farmers supplying the food we eat, as he made vegetable deliveries to kitchens around town.