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Here you will find some of the local stories produced by WUGA featured during NPR's Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Here and Now, and the Weekend News Magazines.

The Other Side of The "G": Episode 5

May 29, 2019
Zac Kristofak

WUGA's collaboration with Grady College Professor Vicki Michaelis and her Sports Journalism students continues with a story of incredible resilience and determination in the face of a monumental tragedy. Bulldog relief pitcher Zac Kristofak sits down with students for another episode of The Other Side of The G.

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Government contracting is often presented as a way to save taxpayer dollars, but could this practice be hurting diversity at federal agencies? WUGA's Martin Matheny has this report.

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Begin the Begin / Robert Dean Lurie

Author Robert Dean Lurie returns to Athens this week for a book release party for Begin the Begin, the first biography on local rock icon REM since the group disbanded in 2011. Lurie speaks to WUGA Morning Edition host and Program Director Chris Shupe, ahead of the event at The Foundry on Sunday. Listen below.

Science Comix!

Apr 26, 2019

Not every comic book hero wears a mask and a cape. WUGA's Martin Matheny brings us a story about a UGA professor and her mission to teach science through comic books. Here's a story about a heroine in a lab coat. Her mission - to teach science through comic books.

Avid Bookshop

Chelsea Clinton will be in town for a book signing and meet and greet at Avid Books Wednesday April 24th, beginning at 7PM. Local Morning Edition voice and WUGA Program Director Chris Shupe spoke with Chelsea ahead of her visit. Listen Back to The Interview Below.