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African Perspectives for December 12, 2021

This second episode in the month of December is the second instalment in the fortnight extension of the show’s anniversary African Music CD giveaway competition. It is also the second show in the 25th year of African Perspectives on WUGA. The episode highlights some of the concerns about the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the Omicron variant which was first reported in the Southern Africa region. It also shares the geo-political challenges with the distribution of available vaccines across the World as well as some of the unreasonable travel restrictions being implemented in some parts of the World. The episode also celebrates some of the music played in the first few months of the show including the wonderful series, Africa Fete tht g music series, Africa Fete that grew out of a music festival with the same name that was founded in France by the late Mamadou Konte, a Senegalese music producer and activist. Both the Africa Fete festival and series, by highlighting both established and up-and-coming African musical artists, have been credited for popularizing African music in France and all over the World As always, the episode featured selected enjoyable music from Africa and/or by Africans including selected music from three remarkable African collections, The Sounds of Africa, Africa Fete and Africa Fete 98.

December 12 Playlist

Album: The Sounds of Africa (1998)

Artiste: Various

Tracks: 1) Trouble in the night vigil

2) Skokiaan

3) Shambala (Extra track)

Album: Africa Fete (1993)

Artiste: Various

Tracks: 1) Hamody Bagle

2) Ndelorel

3) Bantoga

4) Tande M Tande

Album: Africa Fete ‘98 (1998)

Artiste: Various

Tracks: 1) Bakwethu

2) Show me the Way

3) Guokon Fe (Extra track)