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African Perspectives for August 28, 2022

This final episode in August focuses on the challenging news update coming out of the Horn of Africa

including reports of severe droughts and food shortages across the region. The droughts and its

devastating impacts are being felt in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia. Sadly, in

addition to the drought, the episode also reports on the latest attack by Al-Shabab terrorists on an hotel in

Mogadishu, Somalia that killed over twenty civilians. The episode once again provides a final

announcement for the forthcoming 2022 Africa Family Picnic scheduled for September 3, 2022, at

Memorial Park here in Athens. The episode continues to provide updates on the two new African

languages Hausa and Zulu being introduced at UGA thanks to funding from the US State Department

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). The two African languages join two other languages

already offered at UGA- Swahili and Yoruba. As always, the episode featured selected enjoyable music

from Africa and/or by Africans including featured tracks from two wonderful collections, African

Odyssey and Kings of African Music.

Playlist for August 21

Album: African Odyssey (2001)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Raki

2) Nipelaki Kwa Baba

3) Sou

4) Bindinte (Extra track)

Album: Kings of African Music (1996)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Kaokokorobo

2) Zing Zong

3) Set

4) Nana