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African Perspectives for August 27, 2023

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  • This has been a strong year for African music, with two big trends emerging: the continuing integration of African music into the U.S. and European mainstream, as well as the ongoing unearthing of treasures from Afropop's "golden era," particularly the '70s.
  • Peruvians are embracing the music of Peru Negro, a group of performers formed to preserve the country's African musical heritage. At first, many white Peruvians were wary of the group's music, but now black Peruvian music is in vogue and playing a role in shaping the country's social agenda. Rolando Arrieta reports.
  • Tom Moon has a review of the new album from the Kinshasa-based band Konono. It's called Congotronics. The group uses thumb piano and voices via megaphone.