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'Birth of the Cool'

In 1948, a young trumpeter got the call of a lifetime. Duke Ellington was offering him a spot in the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Despite being just 22, the trumpeter said no. His name was Miles Davis, and he was too busy working on this: "Venus de Milo" was recorded by Davis's nine-piece band in 1949. Their club dates around that time didn't garner much attention. But an album of their tunes was finally released in 1957. It's Birth of the Cool, a classic that heralded the beginning of a new movement, cool jazz. The new UGA Faculty Jazz Ensemble will perform Birth of the Cool Friday, November 3rd at 7:30 in the Performing Arts Center's Ramsey Concert Hall. Tickets are available at PAC dot UGA dot EDU or by calling the box office at 706 542 4400.