ACC Mayor & Commission

On November 10th, the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission unanimously approved redevelopment plans for all six tax allocation districts.


Tax allocation districts, or TADs, are redevelopment tools that work by increasing taxes within an area to fund improvements for that same area. 

District Two Commissioner Mariah Parker said the Mayor and Commission are hoping to stimulate economic development by improving "connectivity with regards to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure."

The Athens Clarke County Mayor and Commission will have a special called session tonight at 6 pm to conduct public hearings about the formulation and adoption of redevelopment plans for six proposed tax allocation districts, or TADs. 

TADs work by increasing property taxes within an area to fund improvements for that same area. There are six designated areas in Athens Clarke County including the Georgia Square Mall, West Broad, and Newton Bridge. 

University of Georgia Grady Newsource

During an Agenda Setting Session last night, the Mayor and Commission discussed auditing for the Athens Clarke County Police Department and the Board of Elections.


The Mayor and Commission discussed the establishment of audit work plans for the Police Department and the Board of Elections, two departments who have been scrutinized in the public eye in recent months. 


District Three Commissioner Melissa Link: