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Georgia Health News

Four metro Atlanta counties are being targeted in a new White House-led HIV prevention initiative.

WellStar Health System

Earlier this week, the service contract between WellStar Health System in northwest Atlanta and health insurer Anthem expired after ongoing disputes couldn’t be resolved.

The end of the contract leaves thousands of WellStar patients in a lurch as their long-time providers are now out of network. Read more.

Georgia earns "D" grade on mental health parity

Oct 12, 2018
Georgia Health News

A recent report graded each state in the U.S. on how well it ensured that residents could equally access health services for mental illness as they could for physical illness. Georgia was one of many states that received a "D'. Read more

This week, host Lauren Baggett and Andy Miller of Georgia Health News break down why Georgia received a low grade and what could be done to improve access to care for mental illness.