American Lung Association

The American Lung Association recently released its 22nd annual ‘State of the Air' report. According to the study, millions of Americans are living with and breathing polluted air. Kevin Stewart is Director of Environmental Health with the organization.

"Despite some nationwide progress on cleaning up air pollution, still more than 40% of Americans live with unhealthy ozone or particle pollution. We've also found that people of color are significantly more likely to breathe pollution than white people."

Georgia Health News

One in ten children in Georgia have asthma, and severe asthma attacks can send kids to the ER, causing them and their parents to miss out on school and work.

This week on the Georgia Health Report, we hear about a mobile clinic traveling to Atlanta area schools to help students stay healthy. Read more.

Asthma Storms

Jan 18, 2015

The next time you’re wheezing and gasping for breath on what was supposed to be a leisurely walk to work on a muggy, Monday morning, blame the weather. Host April Sorrow speaks to Dr. Andrew Grundstein, a University of Georgia professor and climatologist in the Department of Geography, to explore why people with asthma or pollen allergies are more likely to seek medical attention after lightning storms and why rattling lungs and thundering skies don’t mix.