Hurricane Florence is now a Category 2 storm with sustained winds dropping to 105 mph. Still, National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham says there is nothing "minor" about this hurricane. Water causes the most deaths during tropical storms and hurricanes, and Florence is expected to cause dangerous flooding.

The National Weather Service is predicting the possibility of high winds and torrential rain this weekend; state agencies are preparing for Florence’s impact on the Peach state.

The Numbers are In: Athens Gained Jobs During July

Aug 28, 2018

According to data from the Georgia Department of Labor, Athens saw an increase in job growth during the month of July. Along with the Classic City, the Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Clarke, Oglethorpe, Oconee, and Madison counties, saw increases in jobs.

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says that the increase is a positive trend for the city and that many new employees are heading into the Athens area for work.

When a huge floating gyre of plastic waste was discovered in the Pacific in the late 1980s, people were shocked. When whales died and washed ashore with stomachs full of plastic, people were horrified. When photographs of beaches under knee-deep carpets of plastic trash were published, people were disgusted.

Though some of it came from ships, most, presumably, was from land. But how much was coming from where?


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Taking Care of "Canine Kids"

Mar 16, 2018
Photo: Allison Salerno

People who love the Georgia Bulldogs are a special and loyal kind of human. Turns out many of them are also fans of actual dogs . Features Reporter Allison Salerno wanted to know how they balance the love for their "canine kids" with all the travel involved with supporting those dawgs on the field.