Athens Latinx Festival

9th Annual Athens LatinX Festival

Oct 13, 2018

The entire Athens community is invited to the 9th annual Latinx Festival this Sunday. Audey Lee is volunteer development specialist with the festival.

“It’s really important to recognize all the thriving dimensions of the Latin community, that a lot of people don’t think of or don’t see.” Lee said.

Beto Mendoza is director of the event. He says one of the big draws, as always, is the food.

The Musical Bridge To Culture

Jan 25, 2018

You might hear the name Athens Tango Project and think it's just another band you might see as part of the vibrant music scene here in Athens....but not only does this band offer a unique brand of music, consistent with the name, it's led by an artist with an equally distinctive sound and story. Feature Reporter Allison Salerno has more about how the band's founder hopes the music will broaden listeners' understanding of Latin American culture.

2017 Latinx Festival in Athens

Oct 20, 2017

Members of the community are invited to the annual Latinx festival in downtown Athens. The event will feature food, dance, music and other offerings from a wide range of Latin communities, including Aztec, Mexican, Peruvian, and others.

Beto Mendoza is one of the coordinators of the fest.

“Every year we try to share the contributions of the migrant community to Athens, Georgia with food, dance, music” Mendoza said. “We try to do the most representative performance we can have.”