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Daniel Hutchens, musician, and member of the band Bloodkin, died on Saturday. He was 56. Hutchens came to Athens in 1986 with Bloodkin co-founder, Eric Carter, and the band quickly became just one of the many musical acts that defined the town between the 80s and 90s.

Athens News Matters: Vision Video Review

May 7, 2021
Vision Video

Athens-based post-punk quartet Vision Video released their debut album Inked In Red last month. Our critic at large, John Slights, gives us his take.

Athens News Matters: Bloodkin Review

Apr 23, 2021

After ten years out of the studio, Athens rockers Bloodkin are back with a double album, Black Market Tango. Our critic at large reviews the record.

Athens News Matters: The Humms Review

Oct 30, 2020

 After a ten year hiatus, local rockers The Humms have a new record out, and our critic-at-large, John Slights, gives us his take.

2020 hasn’t been the most joyful year for most of us. To help relieve some of the tension of a stressful year, our team has put together a playlist of feel-good favorites from local artists.