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Athens News Matters: Panel

Jan 22, 2021

Here to discuss the weekend news and politics are Gwen O'Looney from WWAG, Blake Aued from Flagpole, and Lee Shearer, retired veteran journalist, formerly with the Athens Banner-Herald.

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Even though women are spearheading the workforce, over 30% of couples turned to the wife to provide most or all child care during the COVID-19 shutdown, according to a study from University of Georgia researcher Kristen Shockley.

Shockley sits down with us to discuss these patterns, and how they impact the wellbeing of the entire family.

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Our resident historian, Jim Cobb, joins us to talk about how historians might evaluate the Trump presidency, where Trump sits in the pantheon of Presidents, and how the US can recover from its political turmoil.

It's a new year, which for many of us means new year's resolutions. But let's be honest, for many of us, those resolutions don't stick for an entire year. WUGA's Jeanne Davis gives us some tips on staying organized and hitting your goals.

Even with a vaccine in distribution, it could still be months – or even longer – before enclosed spaces like movie theaters are safe. Film companies, like Warner Bros., have pivoted to streaming, even for big-budget titles, so does that mean bad news in the long term for theaters?