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Political reporter Stephen Fowler from Georgia Public Broadcasting joins us to talk about US Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), appointed this week by Governor Brian Kemp.

Gov. Kemp to Announce U.S. Senate Appointment

Dec 3, 2019

According to a media release from the governor’s office, at 10 am, Kemp will announce the appointment to fill the seat that will be vacated by retiring Senator Johnny Isakson (R - Georgia) on December 31, 2019.

The announcement will be live-streamed at

His reported choice of Kelly Loeffler, a political newcomer, defies Republicans who had pushed him to choose Rep. Doug Collins, one of the staunchest defenders of President Donald Trump.

Associated Press

Pay cuts and job losses are likely on the way for workers in state government, as part of the effort by Gov. Brian Kemp to cut spending 4% this year and 6% next year. 

The call for cuts made last August came following a finding by the state’s fiscal economist of a 50/50 charge of a mild recession next year.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that while the governor says layoffs should be the last resort, department heads have apparently been contacting employees in recent weeks to tell them their jobs may be eliminated or that they’ll have to take huge pay cuts.

GA Senate OKs Kemp Medicaid waiver program

Mar 1, 2019
Georgia Health News

This week, the Georgia Senate approved a bill that would allow Governor Brian Kemp to seek healthcare waivers from the federal government. The waivers would allow the state to add more uninsured Georgians to the Medicaid roll without expanding Medicaid per Obamacare guidelines.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Announces Medicaid Waiver Plan

Feb 14, 2019
AP Photo/John Bazemore, File

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp unveiled a proposal Wednesday that would authorize his office to pursue Medicaid waivers to give the state more flexibility in using federal health care funding.

But some Democrats worry that the legislation would give Kemp, who railed against Medicaid expansion during his recent election campaign, nearly free rein in designing and implementing the program.