Carol Myers

Commissioners wrangle over living wage

May 26, 2021
District 8 Commissioner Carol Myers told her colleagues she would have a hard time supporting a living wage for part time county employees as long as retirees were not seeing regular cost of living increases in their benefits.

Athens-Clarke County Commissioners continued work on the county’s budget at a meeting on Tuesday, where much of the discussion centered on the thorny issue of a living wage.

While most Commissioners broadly agree that the county should pay all its employees a living wage of $15 per hour, they differed on some of the details. One of those details is whether part-time and seasonal employees should be included in the pay bump.

That’s a proposition that District 8’s Carol Myers pushed back on, citing a lack of consistent increases in retiree benefits.

Athens News Matters: Carol Myers

May 7, 2021
Photo/Foster Steinbeck

Chris Shupe sat down with ACC Commissioner Carol Myers. They talked about her first few months in office, the budget process, and what Commissioner Myers hopes to achieve during her term. For more information on the ACC Clean Energy Survey visit this link, and fill out the survey.

Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission will have a special called session and a work session at 6 pm today.

During the special called session, the Mayor and Commission will discuss the Stand your ground and Linnentown resolutions.

Also under consideration is a request from the Athens Clarke-County Police Department for a five-year contract extension with Axon, a company that provides equipment to the department.

Under the proposed agreement, officers would be equipped with updated body cameras and electric shock devices, otherwise known as Tasers.

Incumbent District 8 Commissioner Andy Herod chose not to run for re-election, kicking off a three-way race for his seat. Here's District 8 candidate Carol Myers.