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New research from the University of Georgia suggests that beefed-up contact tracing and testing could be a viable alternative to lockdowns and quarantines.
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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., the reaction was sweeping -- schools closed, restaurants were shuttered, many descended into self-quarantine, and mask wearing and social distancing were touted as ways to prevent the spread of the disease. But those measures came at a massive societal and economic cost.

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Athens News Matters: Contact Tracers

Oct 2, 2020

Contact tracing has become a vital tool for tracking the Coronavirus, but what does this process look like? We sit down with Epidemiologist and Contact Tracer Supervisor, Blake Herring as he talks about the challenges facing contact tracers, and how people can make their jobs easier in the interests of public health.

Analysis: Georgia Tracing Smaller Share of Infections

Jul 13, 2020
AP Photo/Russ Bynum

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis finds Georgia public health investigators are reaching a smaller share of people who may be infected as the number of COVID-19 cases in the state rises. The newspaper finds that contact tracers interviewed 37% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 between June 23 and July 8, down from 60% between May 15 and June 22.