A June 2nd update on COVID-19 numbers from the Athens Clarke County government shows there has been an increase of 9 positive cases from Wednesday, May 26, and that, as of June 1st, 31.7% of ACC residents were vaccinated.

While there is an increase in cases, there have not been any deaths in the last week. Overall, this brings the case average to 1.3 in the last seven days, a dip from the previous week’s 3.4 average.

As vaccination numbers continue to rise, more rural counties face their own public health challenges. Zach Mitcham from the Madison County Journal spoke to Chris Shupe about how his county is managing the vaccination effort.

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The recent announcement from the CDC that suggests that people who are fully vaccinated can forgo masks in many situations came as a surprise to many. In the days following the announcement, some reacted with skepticism, saying that the CDC moved too quickly. 

Dr. Mark Ebell from the University of Georgia College of Public Health says the CDC's guidance is appropriate, and he joined Alexia Ridley to talk about what the guidance means, his concerns, and why you may still want to keep a mask handy.


The CDC's announcement that vaccinated Americans can forgo masks in many situations caught many off guard and sparked some confusion. Dr. Travis Glenn from the University of Georgia College of Public Health joins us to talk about where we are now with masking.

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May 15, 2021

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