Dr. Keith Campbell

Effects of Narcissism in Leadership

Feb 12, 2019

  What makes a great leader? Social confidence? Drive? Ambition? What about manipulation, exploitation, or entitlement? In this segment Dr. Keith Campbell, Head of the Psychology Department at UGA, explains how narcissism helps individuals achieve success. In particular, Dr. Campbell focuses on the narcissistic personalities that have inhabited one of the highest leadership positions in the world: President of the United States of America.


Discussing Cussing

Dec 11, 2017

Curses! If the word on the street seems a bit more colorful lately, it's not in your head. To prove it, UGA psychologist Dr. Keith Campbell is using word usage data from Google to track George Carlin’s “7 Dirty Words You Can’t Say on TV” over the past 50 years. That’s right - researchers are Googling curse words for science. Keith Campbell shares how our propensity for profanity compares with previous generations, and what these swear words can say about us today.


Personality Tests

Mar 13, 2017

Why do people respond differently in similar situations? This is one of the top questions personality tests help researchers answer. In this segment, host April Sorrow and Dr. Keith Campbell, UGA Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology, discuss how different personality tests- from “the Myers-Briggs” to “The Big Five” - teach us more about our behavior patterns.


Jul 28, 2015

Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Silent Generation, Lost Generation. Who comes up with these things anyway? In this segment, host April Sorrow talks to Dr. Keith Campbell, Professor of Psychology in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, about how generations are named and how their reputations come to be.


Jul 12, 2015

Millennials are definitely the best… Just ask one! College students are becoming more likely to rate themselves as above average in categories such as leadership, intelligence, and public speaking, but not kindness. In this segment, host April Sorrow talks to Dr. Keith Campbell, UGA Professor of Psychology and Narcissism expert, about how and why today’s students tend to think better of themselves.