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The Clarke County School District is making it easier than ever for students, families, and staff to receive their flu shot. 


The Athens-Clarke County School District is offering free flu shots to all students, family members of students, and staff. 

Appointments to receive a flu shot are available through October 28th, and locations include Winterville Elementary, H.B. Stroud Elementary, Whit Davis Elementary, Whitehead Road Elementary, and Clarke Middle School.

Influenza and COVID-19 have been compared since the beginning of the pandemic, but with flu season approaching, these two illnesses are about to collide.  Dr. Ted Ross from the University of Georgia explains why getting a flu shot this year is more important than ever before. 

Experts Say this Flu Season Likely to be Severe

Oct 16, 2019

Cases of the flu are already showing up in emergency rooms and hospital throughout Georgia and experts are predicting a more severe season this year compared to last.

“The expectation based on the experience in the southern hemisphere in Australia is that it’s going to be a more severe flu season than last year, more similar to two years ago.”

That’s according to Dr. Roger Lovell, an infectious disease physician at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital.

With flu season right around the corner, Dr. Ashley Hannings from the UGA College of Pharmacy joins us to talk about the importance of getting a flu shot, and why some people don’t. Host Alexia Ridley receives her flu shot on the air.

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Residents in an around Athens can help take part in flu research efforts at the University of Georgia.

Every year the Center for Vaccines and Immunology assesses how the current flu vaccines are working. Dr. Ted Ross is head of the center.

“So we work with the clinical trials research unit over at the medical campus here at UGA and we are enrolling subjects right now" Ross said. "It’s a study where you get a free flu shot, you get compensated for each time you come in and blood samples are taken.”