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Vinyl Resurgence Spins Up Interest for Local Company

Jul 26, 2018
Kindercore Records

As a public radio listener, chances are you're already quite familiar with vinyl records, and in fact you probably have a collection of your favorite albums stored away somewhere. But did you know according to a recent report from NielsenMusic, record sales are at an all-time high and that there was a record producing plant right here in Athens, taking advantage of a resurgence in Vinyl Listening? Listen below as WUGA interns Jessica Wurst and Marquis Chester, set out to explore what this growing fascination with Vinyl is all about.


Grady College is one more than a dozen university journalism schools signing a letter of concern to the Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Chairman, David Smith.

Dean Charles Davis calls the company’s attack on other media, specifically the print media, unprecedented.

“If there’s one inviolable rule in journalism it’s that we don’t ever attack each other,’ according to Davis. “We might criticize one another, we’ll certainly shoot holes in people’s reporting if it’s not very good, we’ll certainly take to critiquing their work.”

He says this is an exceptional situation.

AP Photo/Carlos Giusti

Hundreds of thousands of Georgians are joining countless others who are packing up, loading their cars, and heading away from Hurricane Irma. Governor Deal has issued a mandatory evacuation for nearly 540,000 coastal residents. Many of them headed west to Augusta, where unfortunately, they haven’t been able to find refuge. Some students at the University of Georgia have come up with a plan to help them out.

Just an Old Scoreboard?

Jul 13, 2017

So where do a man, a scoreboard, and the University of Georgia all intersect? No, this is not the beginning to one of those inappropriate limericks, but rather the introduction to something much more. Most of the time there is more than meets the eye when it comes to people. Even places and things can have rich, and sometimes forgotten, history. But an abandoned scoreboard?