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Athens-Clarke County Commissioners expressed frustration and dismay with the local redistricting process at their work session on Tuesday. Many of the concerns laid out by local lawmakers revolved around the process and the very short timeline.

Commissioners postpone action on eviction relief plan

Sep 22, 2021

Athens Clarke County commissioners decided last night to postpone a decision on the future of a local eviction relief program. Only one organization responded to the county's request for proposals and staff recommended against accepting that bid.

Commissioners could have decided last night to reopen the request for proposals and extend the deadline, but instead decided to address the issue at their October 5th meeting.

District 8 Commissioner Carol Myers is one of four ACC Commissioners working on a proposal to create a Human Relations Commission.

A committee of Athens-Clarke County lawmakers continued working on the creation of a Human Relations Commission at a meeting yesterday. That commission as proposed would be part of a larger effort by the Mayor and Commission to invest more resources into diversity, equity, and inclusion. Commissioners on the Legislative Review Committee see the HRC as a key part of that effort, along with the county’s non-discrimination ordinance, which passed last month.

ACC Commission approves new budget

Jun 16, 2021
Commissioner Mariah Parker's proposal for a public garden project is part of the FY 2022 budget taking effect today.
Photo: ACC Government

Athens-Clarke County Commissioners voted 7 – 3 to pass the county’s budget last night at a special session. Commissioners walked into Tuesday’s meeting with not one, but three budget proposals to evaluate – Mayor Kelly Girtz’s proposed budget, as well as two Commission-defined options – one from District 2 Commissioner Mariah Parker and the other from Commissioners Mike Hamby, Ovita Thornton, and Allison Wright.

Commissioners wrangle over living wage

May 26, 2021
District 8 Commissioner Carol Myers is one of four ACC Commissioners working on a proposal to create a Human Relations Commission.

Athens-Clarke County Commissioners continued work on the county’s budget at a meeting on Tuesday, where much of the discussion centered on the thorny issue of a living wage.

While most Commissioners broadly agree that the county should pay all its employees a living wage of $15 per hour, they differed on some of the details. One of those details is whether part-time and seasonal employees should be included in the pay bump.

That’s a proposition that District 8’s Carol Myers pushed back on, citing a lack of consistent increases in retiree benefits.