Jesse Houle

Ryan Cameron

The Athens Clarke County Mayor and Commission will have a special called session at 6 PM tonight.


The primary purpose of the meeting tonight is to vote on the Western Downtown Athens Local Historic District Designation. The goal of this designation is to turn western downtown Athens into a historic district, which will preserve the character and history of this area by preventing property owners from changing the exterior of their buildings. 


Jesse for Athens

District 6 Commissioner-Elect Jesse Houle won a court battle at the Georgia Supreme Court Monday. Justices ruled unanimously that votes cast for a candidate who dies before Election Day are void. We have a reaction from Houle.

Georgia’s highest court ruled Monday that votes cast for a candidate who dies before Election Day are void. The Georgia Supreme Court’s unanimous opinion upheld a lower court ruling that said votes cast for a candidate who died three days before the June election for a seat on the Athens-Clarke County Commission were not valid.

Jerry NeSmith, who died on June 6, got the most votes. The county elections board declared his opponent Jesse Houle commissioner-elect, relying on Georgia law and state Supreme Court precedent saying all votes for NeSmith were void because of his death.

Jesse Houle

District 6 Commissioner-Elect, Jesse Houle is once again adding their name to the ballot. Houle has announced they will be a candidate for the District 6 seat for the special election November 3rd. As Commissioner-Elect, Houle has already been selected to take office in January, they are now also the Democratic candidate.

Houle explains the somewhat confusing scenario. 

District t 6 Commissioner-Elect Jesse Houle says they are running in the special election scheduled this November for the District 6 seat, which they are planning to fill in January.

“Yes, according to the election that we had last June, of course the particularly tumultuous election that we’ve been talking about, and there is a special election in November and I’ll be putting my name on the ballot for that and hopefully that means we can actually see representation for District 6 again sooner than that.” Houle said. “Hopefully in November we’ll have a seat at the table.”