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Tulane University School of Public Health

A recently released report shows more work needs to be done to combat childhood obesity in the U.S. 


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a philanthropy dedicated to health, tracked national and state-level data on those rates as well as policy recommendations for prioritizing children’s health. 

Jamie Bussel is Senior Program Officer at the organization. She discusses findings from the report entitled State of Childhood Obesity: Prioritizing Children’s Health During the Pandemic. 

Some States Allow Ballots if Voters Die Before Election Day

Oct 19, 2020
AP Photo/Sarah Blake Morgan

Ballots cast by people who vote early but die before Election Day are sometimes cited as proof of voter fraud, but in many states they're perfectly legal. Seventeen states prohibit counting ballots cast by someone who subsequently dies before the election, but 10 states specifically allow it.

News Break

A portion of the roof of the University of Georgia's Tate Student Center caught fire on October 16th.


According to the Red and Black, the University of Georgia Police Department received a call about the fire around 9 p.m. this past Friday, which was shortly after UGA's spring and summer commencement ceremony at Sanford Stadium. 

Extra Special People at UGA

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month and ESP (Extra Special People) is asking those supporting the Georgia Bulldogs to also show their support for those with Down Syndrome. 


“Everyone’s talking about football right in the month of October, we want them to also be talking about people with Down Syndrome, the joy that people with Down Syndrome bring to the world, and the services that can support people with Down Syndrome, which include ESP.”

Katarina Christmann is Marketing Manager with ESP.

State and Local COVID-19 Numbers

Oct 16, 2020
Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Georgia is currently reporting more than 337-thousand cumulative cases of COVID-19 infections, about 7,000 cases higher than last Friday, with the death toll at 7,559. Over 30,000 people have been hospitalized, with ICU admissions over 5,000. About 82% of all ICU beds in Georgia are occupied and 29.1% of adult ventilators are currently in use.