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The Athens Clarke County Mayor and Commission heard a budget update from county manager Blaine Williams yesterday afternoon. Jessica Wurst says Clarke County officials are optimistic about the county's revenue, even after the pandemic.

Briefing Commissioners as they continue to work on the budget for the 2022 fiscal year, Williams said that even with the pandemic, sales taxes were better than expected.

Students, staff, and faculty at the University of Georgia will soon be offered the COVID-19 vaccine based on an order of eligibility. The University health center will issue invitations to receive the vaccine following the governor’s announcement that everyone in the state over 16 will be able to receive a shot starting today. The first invitation for vaccination will be for those who have medical conditions that put them at greater risk from COVID-19.

Paul Walton is Mayor of the City of Hull, a resident of the small Madison County community since 2007, Walton is the first African American for the city. He spoke with WUGA about his experience.

"I became a city council member in 2008 and was the first black council member. Took a break for a while to raise my children, I came back, and I was elected mayor in 2019. It really didn't dawn on me as being the first black mayor of my city. It's been wonderful."

District 3 Commissioner Melissa Link called a special meeting of the Clarke County Board of Health for today at 5:30 PM.

Commissioner Link requested the meeting to find out what the Clarke County Government can do to assure that every qualified Athenian is vaccinated, according to a Facebook post published yesterday.

In the post, Link said that the vaccine rollout in Georgia has been "dismal chaos as vulnerable people who qualified weeks ago still await appointments, while those in underserved communities have no idea where to start."

The Trust for America’s Health recently released its 18th annual report “Ready or Not: Protecting the Public’s Health from Diseases, Disasters, and Bioterrorism". The study looks at the level of preparedness in the nation as a whole, as well as each state individually.

John Auerbach is president and CEO of the nonprofit:

"There have been areas where there has been an improvement. Seasonal flu vaccine rates, for example, have gone up. But that there are still many areas where improvement is needed. "

Georgia ranked fairly well in this year’s study.