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Athens-Clarke County Police are investigating several incidents on Sunday which they say are likely related. A 17-year-old suspect, Edgar Ortiz of Athens, is in custody.

The string of gun-related incidents began at about 4:30 pm on Sunday afternoon, when ACCPD responded to a cal about someone discharging a firearm at Parkview Homes. One witness reported that a suspect pointed a gun at her, and officers located a car which had been damaged by gunfire.


Holidays are a major time for family get-togethers, but those events don’t always go smoothly. Don Randall, a family therapist, joins WUGA's Alexia Ridley to talk about how to de-escalate tense family situations during the holidays.

This week's panel, Chris Dowd and Gwen O'Looney, sit down with WUGA's Alexia Ridley to discuss the week in news and politics.


Trust in science is declining. In today's changing media landscape, how can scientists build credibility with the public?

In light of the public’s growing mistrust of science and scientists, WUGA's science and research correspondent, Lauren Baggett, and Dr. Glenn Nowak, professor and co-director of the center for health and risk communication at UGA's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, sit down with WUGA's Chris Shupe to discuss misinformation, where it comes from, and how scientists can better communicate information related to COVID-19.


Recently, more Americans are having heated discussions about Critical Race Theory (CRT). Critical Race Theory has popped up on the news, in school board meetings, and even as a campaign issue in last week’s Virginia Governor’s race. While opponents paint CRT as an educational evil, many in the academic world would say those opponents are misunderstanding, in some cases willfully, what critical race theory actually is.