Mayor Kelly Girtz

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The Athens-Clarke County government putting measures in place to address long-term water storage, by approving the purchase of the Rock Hill Quarry in Athens for long-term water storage.  

Mayor Kelly Girtz explains the reasoning behind the decision.

“Wanting to be more heavily invested in water reuse, and so that's the phenomenon in which we take water that has come down our drains, could get modestly amended, and be for non-potable uses, as for industrial uses, and stored for some period of time before ultimately, being reused.”

Northeast Georgia Business Alliance

There’s still time for small business owners to apply for financial assistance from a partnership between the Athens-Clarke government and the Northeast Georgia Business Alliance Foundation. Mayor Kelly Girtz says these funds are for companies with one to 10 employees. 

Athens-Clarke County Mayor Kelly Girtz joins us to talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic is unfolding in Athens, and his call to Governor Brian Kemp for more help from the state.



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Athens-Clarke County Mayor Kelly Girtz is appealing to Governor Brian Kemp for help in reducing the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Athens. As part of that effort, the mayor sent a letter to the governor with two recommendations on how to stem the tide. 


“One, clarity around what can be done in bars. Right now, the order is strangely worded in a way that provides lots of loopholes for bars, but what we really need is a bar environment that looks much more like a seated restaurant environment.” 

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Athens and Atlanta are among the cities highlighted in a new report on the progress of solar power in the nation.

That’s according to the 'Shining Cities: The Top U.S. Cities for Solar' report.

Jennette Gayer is director of Environment Georgia Research & Policy Center, which released the data.

“The city of Atlanta, city of Athens have made pretty impressive progress in just a few years,” according to Gayer. “Both Athens and Atlanta struggle with really high energy burdens and solar can help really address some of those problems.”