the other side of the g

The Other Side of The G: Episode 8

Nov 22, 2019

In this latest episode from our series The Other Side of The G, students from UGA's Grady College bring us the story of a student athlete so determined to live out her dream that she agreed to serve as a student manager until she could prove herself worthy of a scholarship. Listen back to the journey of golfer Kelsey Kurnett.

The Other Side of The "G": Episode 7

Nov 13, 2019

WUGA's collaboration with Professor Vicki Michaelis and her multi-platform journalism class continues, this time students from Grady College discover how one coach is using a combination of physics, chemistry and psychology to generate success on the track…click the headline to learn more about "The Throwing Doctor", including a link to listen back to the audio.

The Other Side of The "G": Episode 6

Nov 6, 2019

In the latest episode of the Other Side of The G, students from Grady College learn how one student athlete not only overcame the usual challenges of college but also faced the added obstacles of learning a completely different culture and foreign language, all while balancing the rigors of being a top rated Tennis player. Click the headline above for more, including the link to listen back.

The Other Side of The "G": Episode 4

Dec 19, 2018
UGA Today

In this final installment of the series, The Other Side of The G, Program Director Chris Shupe and the students of a multi-platform journalism class at Grady College, shine the spotlight on one of UGA's most heralded sports. If you're thinking Football, Basketball, or even Baseball; you would be wrong! This sport boasts 6 National Titles and features athletes with 2 legs, and some with 4! Listen below to find out more.

The Other Side of The "G": Episode 3

Dec 12, 2018

What sort of person willingly takes on the responsibility of hosting an event for almost 100,000 people? We'll find out in this 3rd installment of the Other Side of the G, a story telling collaboration with UGA's Grady College and WUGA. Listen below to find out more!