Opioids becoming bigger threat to older adults

4 hours ago

Though the majority of opioid overdose deaths affect younger people, older adults remain the heaviest users of opioid medications. And a steadily growing number of opioid-related deaths among older adults has experts concerned. Read more.

This week, host Lauren Baggett and Andy Miller of Georgia Health News discuss how the opioid crisis is affecting older Americans and what health providers are doing to help.

UGA Expert Discusses Overdoses from Fake Pills

Jun 8, 2017

Investigators say early tests show a mixture of two synthetic opioids could be responsible for the string of overdoses and deaths that struck Middle Georgia earlier this week. According to the GBI, the fentanyl analogue was sold on the streets and labeled Percocet.  

Dr. Merrill Norton is a professor in the University of Georgia's College of Pharmacy and an expert on addiction. He says that when a rash of overdoses such as this occur, it is often because addicts aren’t buying the drug they think they’re buying.

Macon Telegraph

Investigators say early tests show a mixture of two synthetic opioids could be responsible for a rash of drug overdoses and up to four deaths in Georgia.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Thursday that preliminary testing found that one of the drugs in the mixture is consistent with "a new fentanyl analogue."

Georgia law officers say four people have died and dozens of others have been injured in the central part of the state after overdosing on some type of street drug.
Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Nelly Miles tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that reports of overdoses were still coming in Tuesday.

The newspaper reports that emergency workers have responded to reports of overdoses in Centerville, Perry, Warner Robins and Albany over the past 48 hours. Emergency crews found some people unconscious and not breathing.