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Ebenezer Baptist West Church in Athens is taking a proactive approach to fighting off COVID-19 and other health ailments that are particularly detrimental to the Black community.

The Reverend Dr. Daryl Bloodsaw pastors the church. He says Ebenezer West is wrapping up an eight-week partnership with Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital.

“Where we started talking back in July about how this virus has impacted our community. And so we sat down with doctors and administrators at the hospital and put together a plan.” 

Piedmont Healthcare

State and local leaders along with healthcare providers are taking part in conversations about COVID-19 this afternoon.

The CEOs of Piedmont Athens Regional hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare System discussed the situation in the Athens area. 

Piedmont CEO Michael Burnett.

“We have evolved over how we treat these patients. Certain drugs like remdesivir, steroids, have helped improve length of stay, helped with mortality. We are seeing less patients being put into ICU as a percentage of COVID patients.”

The Talbot Spy

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and more than 30 million Americans have the disease. Health officials say two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke.

Unfortunately, the numbers in Georgia are worse.

“Roughly nine percent of the nation is diabetic. In the state of Georgia, the statistics roughly were from 10 to 12 percent of the population. As far as prediabetes estimates are around 33%.”

That’s Dr. Thomas Wells, Regional Medical Director for Primary Care with Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital.

Piedmont Regional Health is working with the Mayo Clinic and the American Red Cross in providing an experimental treatment in the effort to combat COVID-19. Piedmont is joining other healthcare facilities and systems around the nation in using convalescent plasma from patients who have recovered from the virus to treat those suffering from it.

Dr. Amy Hajari Case is Medical Director for Pulmonary and Critical Research at Piedmont Health Care

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Both Athens hospitals experienced such high volumes of traffic Wednesday that they had to divert patients to other hospitals. Diversion means facilities send all incoming patients and ambulances to other hospitals. District 7 Commissioner Russell Edwards addressed the situation.