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ACC Commissioners Give Unanimous OK to Hawthorne Fixes

Jul 3, 2019
ACC Government

Athens-Clarke County Commissioners voted unanimously last night to improve a package of improvements to the intersection of Oglethorpe and Hawthorne Avenues. The proposal included changes to traffic lights, restriping of the pavement, and modifications to when drivers are allowed to make left turns.

Athens-Clarke County Commissioners are set to vote tonight on safety improvements to the intersection of Hawthorne and Oglethorpe Avenues. That intersection was ranked as most in need of safety improvements by an ACC intersection improvement study.   “The Hawthorne-Oglethorpe Intersection was the intersection most in need of safety improvements.

Todd Dickey/ACC

Mayor Kelly Girtz and four new commissioners are now officially in office. Athens-Clarke County’s newest leaders were sworn-in Tuesday evening at City Hall.

A large crowd turned out to watch the proceedings as Patrick Davenport, Tim Denson, Russell Edwards, and Ovita Thornton joined Girtz on the steps of City Hall while Judge Susan Tate administered the oaths of office to each.

The new Mayor is looking forward to serving with his new colleagues.  

State Labor Union Endorses Athens Candidate

Apr 26, 2018

The Georgia AFL-CIO is endorsing District 5 commission candidate Tim Denson. According to a release from the Denson campaign, his is the only endorsement on a municipal-level by the organization this year. The Georgia AFL-CIO is the largest labor council in Georgia. Denson is running for the District 5 commission spot along with Danielle Benson in hopes of unseating incumbent commissioner Jared Bailey.

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