If TSPLOST 2023 passes in May, buses like this could be replaced by electric vehicles.
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ACC residents will have another opportunity to weigh in on a list of proposed projects for TSPLOST 2023, a one percent sales tax to fund transportation improvements. Tonight’s public input forum will be hosted online, and information on joining the call is posted on the county’s website.

Commissioners agreed last night to move forward with a proposed list of TSPLOST 2023 projects totalling $144.5 million, setting the final list up for a vote early next month. But Commissioners still expressed reservations about the lack of TSPLOST funding for repaving projects.


“If we are going to choose not to use this funding source that has been used in the past for pavement maintenance, then we need to go ahead and say what funding source we are using as an alternative," Commissioner Tim Denson said.


TSPLOST project list narrowed down

Dec 15, 2021

TPLOST is back. A new round of the sales tax — which provides an average of 2.5 million a month in funds — is slated to begin in 2023, if voters approve it next May. A $144.5 million proposed list of transportation-focused projects was presented to the Mayor and Commission.

Chair of the TSPLOST Advisory Committee, Lauren Blais.

“Most of our projects were submitted by people who live and work in Athens," Blais said.

TSPLOST 2023, what made the first cut?

Nov 11, 2021

Athens-Clarke County Commissioners got a look on Tuesday at a narrowed-down list of potential transportation projects that could be funded by TSPLOST 2023. Commissioners were broadly supportive of the list, and many thanked the citizens advisory committee that vetted nearly $700 million dollars worth of proposals and winnowed them down to something closer to the one percent sales tax's expected revenue.

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The transition to an all-electric fleet and $25 million dollars for Athens Transit operations are among the projects that made the first cut for TSPLOST 2023, but more cuts will be necessary before the final list is certain.