UGA college of family and consumer sciences

How often do you talk with your significant other about......Money? And how soon is "too soon" in the relationship, or maybe it's now "too late"? Turns out every couple thinks about it, but most admit they rarely talk about it, if ever! So just relax and let the Nothing Funny About Money Team ease your fears.

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In this month's episode Matt and Michael explore some ways to insure you're investment in higher learning actually pays off! Turns out, alot of how we do AFTER college, depends on more than just that overall GPA.

Listen back to this episode for some real world suggestions for broadening your real world readiness IQ.

Red River College Financial Wellness Intiative

April is Financial Literacy Month so this month Matt and Michael dig in to increasing our Financial Wellness. So how healthy is your bottom line? And how do our emotions and the way we "feel" overall, have to do with sticking with financial goals, find out more below.

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Employees were forced to evacuate and part of Sanford Drive was shut down for a little more than an hour this afternoon, after a fire in a building in the College of Family Consumer Sciences.  

Several Athens-Clarke County Fire trucks arrived on the scene to find smoke coming from the structure. Battalion Chief Roger Evans says crews were on scene almost immediately.

Taxes....Taxes? You Want to Talk About Taxes?

Mar 3, 2018

So as tax season fast approaches hosts Matt Goren and Michael Thomas dig into the whole idea of taxes and some of the more maddening facets of our current tax system.