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New Faculty Begin Statewide Tour

Aug 5, 2019

Forty new faculty members, including senior vice president for academic affairs S. Jack Hu, embarked on the University of Georgia's 35th annual tour of the state on Monday, Aug. 5.

Tour participants, who represent 18 university departments, will pass through 16 cities in 41 of Georgia’s 159 counties by Friday afternoon, Aug. 9.

How older adults could benefit from 'Skype on wheels'

Nov 8, 2018
University of Georgia

Researcher Jenay Beer specializes in assistive technology. Her work aims to help 'put the human back in the engineering equation' and help developers optimize new technology to match their users' needs. As a faculty member at the Institute of Gerontology at UGA's College of Public Health, she's often asking how can this tech help older adults be healthier, happier and safe. 

Hear how the telepresence system, a kind of 'Skype on wheels,' may help older adults.

The University of Georgia community mourned the loss of one of its most respected and cherished professors, with the passing of Dr. Barry Hollander. Hollander was not only one of UGA's most esteemed professors, but was a regular source of expertise in the world of journalism nationwide and beyond. WUGA's Chris Shupe sits down with Science and Research correspondent April Sorrow to talk about one of their favorite segments with Dr. Hollander.