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Athens News Matters: Birders Overachieve

Jun 11, 2021

It’s 11PM on Saturday, April 24th. The rain that had been falling most of the day has blown through, and that’s good news.

After hours of planning, mapping, and scheduling, April 25th is almost here: the day that the nearly twenty-year-old Georgia record for a birding Big Day would be broken.

“I was too excited to actually fall asleep, but I tried to try to lay down and at least rest before it started,” said Josiah Lavender, a rising junior at the University of Georgia.

Adam Wesley/The Gazette

Racial discrimination is trauma like no other, for everyone who experiences it, and studies show that African American youth who experience discrimination are at high risk for poor mental health, even after they grow up.

Ten years before the start of the Civil Rights Movement the iconic Ebony Magazine published its first issue in November 1945 to document the American experience using Black voices. As one of the first magazines to provide an outlet for Black storytellers, Ebony reported on the true nature of historical tragedies such as the Emmett Till lynching and the Birmingham brutalities. Over 75 years later, Ebony is now re-launching in a digital form.

European Institute for Gender Equality

Approximately 30.4 million Americans accessed online dating services in 2019, according to And while this already seems like a massive number of people, it doesn’t even account for those connecting through social media platforms, online chat rooms, and good ole fashion text messaging.

Digital technologies provide an infinite amount of ways for us to connect online and have become essential to functioning in modern society. But, what happens when people take advantage of the multidimensional structure of the internet to abuse other uses?

UGA Today

Yesterday, the University of Georgia announced the return to full in-person instruction for the upcoming fall semester.

Due to the wider availability of vaccines, the University of Georgia will resume normal operations in the fall, including a return to full in-person instruction, full capacity in the residence halls and dining facilities, as well as regular operations for other campus services, according to UGA Today.