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Become an Underwriter

View of City Hall in Athens, GA
"We underwrite with WUGA because it provides consistent reminders for repeat events that can easily be forgotten in the whirlwind of daily life. Underwriting helps move your business’ name to the top of a potential customer’s mental list of ideal business that share their values."
Sarah Thurman, Market Manager, Athens Farmer’s Market

WUGA, the NPR affiliate in Athens, GA has been committed to educating and enriching the lives of our broadcast audience since we signed on August 28th, 1987. We tell the stories of Athens and surrounding areas through:

  • In-depth coverage of news, politics, and the arts
  • Award-winning local programming that highlights the rich cultural life found in Athens and Northeast Georgia
  • Thought provoking insights from local civic leaders and UGA faculty, researchers, and experts
  • Relevant and impactful community events

What is underwriting?

"I have been an underwriter for WUGA for many years. As a small business owner, I track all the return on investments marketing that I do and WUGA has always come out on top in terms of the value that it brings to my business."
Chris Lutz, Owner of Athens Roofing

Underwriting is an on-air mention for a business or organization that provides funds in support of national and local programming on WUGA; it combines the benefits of advertising with public relations. Public radio sponsorship builds awareness and credibility for your brand.

Why consider underwriting?

Underwriting positively affects WUGA listeners’ opinions of your organization, influencing their decision to purchase your products and services. When you associate yourself with radio programming intended to educate and enrich the public, it makes a lasting impression on thousands of listeners.

"Radio is really important for our business because it a driving business, our trucks are always tuned to WUGA. We recently got 10 new clients and that was super exciting for us. It’s definitely because of underwriting."
Kristen Baskin, Founder Let Us Compost

Who listens to WUGA?

25,000 weekly listeners
85% of listeners consider NPR “Personally important to them”
77% of listeners take action in response to an NPR sponsorship announcement
73% own their own home
45% are professionals managers, or administrators
35% live in households with annual incomes of $75,000 or more

*Source: NPR Impact Study

How much does underwriting cost?

"We have been on the air with WUGA for so many years that I don’t remember when it started, but it has been a beautiful experience from day one. I even had someone come up to me at a traffic light and say, 'Thank you for being on the air with WUGA!'"
Greg Reece, Owner of Waterman Spring Water

WUGA was recognized by the Georgia Association of Broadcasters as the leading radio station in the state for Community Service. Because WUGA is a non-profit radio station, your underwriting contribution may be funded from your advertising, public relations, or charitable contributions budget.

Rates are per 15 second announcement.

 Time SlotRate
Morning Drive6am-9am$20
Day time9am–4pm$10
Afternoon Drive4pm–7pm$20
Weekend $20

Packages can be customized and are usually sold in 12, 26, and 52-week agreements.

How do I get more information?

For underwriting information, contact Cathy Bradberry at 706‑542‑9842 (wuga@uga.edu) or Lois Player at 706‑548‑5137.

"We underwrite with WUGA because it’s our favorite source for news in our community and beyond. Our customers big and small are always telling us how much they love hearing our spot on the radio."
Kristen Bach, Owner Treehouse Kid & Craft