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Campus Carry Protest Planned for Arch

Alexia Ridley

A student-led protest group is holding its third rally opposing campus carry legislation. The group of University of Georgia students is holding yet another protest rally Wednesday evening at the Arch.



They are inviting members of the community to join faculty, their fellow students, and others in taking part. Organizer Mallory Harris says they also want like-minded citizens to take action.

“So the most effective thing you can do is text VETO to 644-33, and then follow the steps,” Harris said. “It’ll tell you text callback and then it’ll give you a script it takes less than a minute, You just say your name and you’re a Georgia resident and you oppose guns on campus. You can do it everyday and they are keeping a tally at the Governor’s office.”

The rally is scheduled for 5 pm. Harris says other schools have held similar protests around the state.