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Athens for Everyone Holds Rally Supporting Medicaid in Georgia


Athenians were invited to join communities across the state for a rally encouraging U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue to vote 'no' on the Senate health care bill. Athens for Everyone held a rally at the Arch which was scheduled for 5:30 Monday evening.

Tim Denson, Organization Coordinator, says the measure will be voted on this week.

CUT:43  “This bill if passed, threatens the care of the most vulnerable Georgians by cutting our federal Medicaid dollars by $4 billion over the next ten years,” according to Denson.  “And the amazing thing is, the bill actually gives tax cuts of up to $33 billion over that same amount of time for the richest 400 households.”

Denson says his family is among the millions to be affected.

“We have 1.9 million people enrolled in Medicaid here in Georgia and that includes over a million children, including my own child who is only three months old. We need to be prioritizing the healthcare and the health of our citizens in Georgia. It helps encourage having a better, stronger workforce, having healthier citizens, and just having a better quality of life.”

He says it will also affect all Georgians, even those with health insurance, since the measure would cut funding to hospitals

Atlanta, Macon, Gainsville, and smaller communities across the state were also taking part.

Credit Athens for Everyone