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Georgia Museum of Art Hosts a Conversation with Artist Kristin Casaletto

Kristin Casaletto

The Georgia Museum of Art is hosting a gallery conversation Friday afternoon. Members of the community are invited for a conversation with Artist Kristin Casaletto and curator of American art Sarah Kate Gillespie about Casaletto’s exhibition “The Past is Never Dead: Kristin Casaletto.” Communications Director Hillary Brown describes the work.

“She’s not from the south, bur when she moved here, she move to Mississippi before she moved to Georgia, she really had to grapple with all of its very complicated history,” according to Brown. “And that is in her work. There’s a whole lot packed into each one of her images and I think that makes her just a wonderful choice to come and talk to people.”

Brown says Casaletto has wide range of work.

“Her work is mostly print but it’s not what you usually think of as print making, there’s some really, really large works in the galleries. She’s done works on selfie culture, there’s one work in the galleries that consists of nine locusts that she sat once a day for nine days in a row, caught a locust [and] dipped it in metal to preserve it.”

The event provides a unique opportunity for those attending to ask the artist about her work, which Brown says is complicated.

“There’s a lot of art history in there, there’s a lot of actual history in there. There’s a lot of technique. It raises so many questions.”

The conversation is from 2 to 3 pm. It is free and open to the public. The exhibition is on view through the end of this month.

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