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Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on Trump Nominee Sam Clovis Withdrawing from Consideration

U.S Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue says he supports Sam Clovis after the President’s choice for Chief Scientist at the U.S. Department of agriculture decided to pull out of contention for the post.

Perdue called the move courageous in light of Clovis’ ties to the ongoing Russia probe.

“We were supportive of Sam Clovis, he was disparaged, but I remain confident in his ability,” Perdue said. “Obviously of his own determination, he made the determination, I think very courageously, that he didn’t want to drag the President as his nominee through this. All this collusion talk there, having been attached some people in the campaign who had been indicted. I think Sam made a great decision, we support that decision.”

Clovis was chosen even though he does not have a background in science. He will remain at the agency.

“I believe he still has some value that he can utilize to serve the citizens of America in the USDA.”

The Secretary says he has not been in communication with Clovis since the decision to withdraw.

“I have not, this was a letter that he constructed and brought to me immediately before sending to the President.”

Sam Clovis

The former Georgia governor’s remarks came during a visit in Athens, Ga. Perdue attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a new research facility for the Agricultural Research Service or ARS.